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Road CrewVision Statement.

Brother-and-sister team Kipp Sherer and Jennifer Sherer also partake in drive-in road trips which they broadcast to website visitors. To learn more, see About Us.

How Did Get Started

Kipp Sherer and Jennifer Sherer started researching drive-ins in 1995 when they decided the world needed more good drive-ins. The database was a repository for their research and grew into a place where drive-in fans could share information and memories. Time Line

  • 1999 launched
  • 2000 Launched Ozoner Rewards
  • 2001 Ozoner Cards carried in 46 states
  • 2004 marks 1,000,000th website visitor
  • 2007-2008 Complete overhaul

What's Next for plans to continue to up the ante by leveraging data storage and retrieval technology as well cutting edge communication strategies to preserve drive-in history and promote operating drive-ins in years to come. The website continues to evolve and change as people from all over the world contribute their photographs, memories, and knowledge about drive-ins. As the community of drive-in enthusiasts, owners, and goers continues to grow, so will