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Sumter Drive -In Information

closed drive-in movie theater Express Code: fltsumt
Operating Status:  Closed

Other Names: no known aliases

Address:  Sumter Drive -In

Bushnell, FL 33513
Site status: unknown

Site details:

Location notes: none

More About Sumter Drive -In

Screens: 1 Sound: 
Car Capacity: 300 Typical season: 

Technical details: none

Sumter Drive -In Timeline:
There are no timeline entries for this drive-in theater.

submitted on Jun 12, 2010 by Jimmy Yearwood Map showing Sumter Drive -In

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Sumter Drive -In Gallery

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submitted on Jun 12, 2010 by Jimmy Yearwood
Projection boothsnackbar
submitted on Jun 12, 2010 by Jimmy Yearwood

submitted on Jun 12, 2010 by Jimmy Yearwood

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