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Skyway Twin Drive-In Information

open drive-in movie theater Express Code: ohtskyw
Operating Status:  Open

Other Names: Skyway Drive-In

Address:  Skyway Twin Drive-In
1805 N. Leavitt Rd.
Warren, OH 44485
Phone: (330) 898-3059 (showtimes)
Official Website:
Showtimes: check here

Location notes: none

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Upcoming Events:
Apr 18 - Season Opening

More About Skyway Twin Drive-In

Screens: 2 Sound: FM stereo(88.7)
Car Capacity: 650 Typical season: April - October

Technical details: current screen is 94' x 40'

Skyway Twin Drive-In Timeline:
1978 - original screen blew down
Marquee night time shot
submitted on Sep 09, 2005 by Scott Biggs And Sandie Taperek Map showing Skyway Twin Drive-In

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Skyway Twin Drive-In Gallery

Submit photos of Skyway Twin Drive-In, or check out the entire image gallery.

Marquee night time shot
submitted on Sep 09, 2005 by Scott Biggs And Sandie Taperek
FM radio transmitter antenna, which appears to be a stock Ramsey Electronics kit unit.
submitted on Oct 06, 2003 by Spencer Morasch
The back 2 or 3 rows appeared to be rarely, if at all used any more.
submitted on Oct 06, 2003 by Spencer Morasch

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